Den store Allrounderen fra Faymonville – i Norge og Sverige kalles den gjerne Jumbo!

MultiMAX low loader

  • Fra 2-10 aksler
  • Høy nyttelast
  • Utdrag/Trombon opptil 50 m
  • Styring:
    o Medsporende styring
    o Aktiv/Hydraulisk styring
  • Aksler:
    o Kingbolt med Luft /Hydraulisk fjæring
    o Pendel Aksler
  • Svanehals
    o SNT = Fast Hals
    o ATW = Hydraulisk/Vikbar Hals
  • HydroShift, Hydraulisk Breddeutvidelse opptil 3.200 mm
  • Hydraulisk Løftebord – optimerer oppkjøring til svanehals
  • Hjulbrønner/Hjulfickar
  • Stikkerenne
  • Med eller uten Hydrauliske Ramper/kjørebroer, som leveres i enkel eller dobbel utførelse i:
    o Hard trevirke med eller uten klatrelister
    o SuperGrip (Gummi)
    o Stål med og uten klatrelister
    o Gitterrost
    o Alle Ramper/Kjøreboer er hydraulisk forskyvbar i bredden
    o Alle Ramper er avtagbar

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I Norge og Sverige kalles den gjerne brønntrailer!

MegaMax lowbed trailer

  • Fra 1-7 aksler
  • Ekstrem lav lastehøyde
  • Optimal løsning for transport av høye kolli, industri produkter etc.
  • Høy nyttelast
  • Svanehals, avtagbar
    • ZT = Sentralramme
    • AT = Utvendig bærende ramme

    • Brønnbord med og uten utdrag/Trombon
    • KBX – X-betyr ekstra lavt! Et brønnbord med mulighet for å legge inn et lastebordmellom kantrammene. Og mulighet for å legge inn forlengelsesbalker fra 1.000 –4.000 mm. Med og uten utdrag/Trombon

  • BB – Sentralramme med avtagbare madrasser, to høyde innstillinger på utsiden. Med og uten utdrag/Trombon

  • Med eller uten Ramper til overkjøring bakvogn
  • Styring:
    • Pendel Aksler
  • Aksler:
    • Kingbolt med Luft / Hydraulisk fjæring
    • Pendel Aksler


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I Norge og Sverige kalles den gjerne brønntrailer med framvagn!

VarioMAX lowbed trailer

  • Svanehals, avtagbar med sentralramme – kan kobles direkte til brønnbordet!
  • Framvagn med 1-3 Pendel aksler

  • Optimal løsning for transport av høye tungt kolli, industri produkter etc.
  • Høy nyttelast
  • Utdrag/Trombon

Brønnbord med og uten utdrag/Trombon

    • KBX – X-betyr ekstra lavt! Et brønnbord med mulighet for å legge inn lastebord mellom kantrammene. Og mulighet for å legge inn forlengelsesbalker fra 1.000 – 4.000 mm. Med og uten utdrag/Trombon

    • BB – Sentralramme med avtagbare madrasser, to høydeinnstillinger på utsiden. Med og uten utdrag/Trombon

  • Ekstrem lav lastehøyde
  • Med eller uten Ramper til overkjøring bakvogn
  • Bakvagn 2-6 aksler – to aksel system:
    • Pendel Aksler
    • Kingbolt aksler med aktiv/hydraulisk styring

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Tele er en rettbygget trailer ALLTID med utdrag!


  • Fra 2-6 aksler
  • Opptil 4 x utdrag/Trombon (maks 65.000 mm)
  • Stor styrevinkel (55°)
  • Lav lastehøyde
  • Styring:
    • Medsporende styring
    • Aktiv/Hydraulisk styring
  • Aksler:
    • Svingkrans montert, med Luft/Hydraulisk Fjæring
    • Pendel Aksler
  • Svanehals i to utførelser
    • Vanligvis rett utførelse, samme høyde som bakre plan
    • Special – ved 17,5’’ Dekk – senket bakre plan

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I Norge kalles denne gjerne Kasetttrailer, i Sverige Bygelvagn!


For vårt marked Norge og Sverige opererer vi med to varianter:
Begge har til felles:

  • Brønnlengde 9.500 mm
  • Total lengde 12.695 mm
  • Kingpin 18.000 kg
  • Akseltrykk teknisk 27.000 kg
  •  Hydraulisk Fjæring
  • Pendel Aksler
  • Svanehals 3.000 mm
  • Akselavstand 1.405 mm
  • Utdrag/Trombon på 4.000 mm

Norge har mål fra Kingpin til Center aksel aggregat 8.450 mm.
Sverige har mål fra Kingpin til Center aksel aggregat 9.100 mm.

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Innovative low loader system that combines modular standard components together.

CombiMAX low loader system

The CombiMAX is a unique, far-reaching low loader concept, the idea of which is based on the variety of combinations with standardised components. The principles of modularity and flexibility are applied to the trailers and step frame semi-trailers for medium to heavy payloads of between 50 and 250 tonnes.

Description and areas of activity

Technical advantages and new items

The CombiMAX can be tailored individually to every transport requirement. New components and methods have been developed especially for this concept.

The bogies are available with pendle axles and all of them have the same interface.

The combination of three coupling systems is also new:

  • Universal coupling head with bolt coupling
  • Hook adaptor
  • Installable telescopic centre beam («Add-On Beam»)

The combination of these three systems enables versatility, speed and efficiency with regard to the customer’s widely varying transport requirements. Thanks to the universal coupling head, the direct connection of components of different heights (tyres) and widths is also easily possible.

This creates countless possibilities and each individual component of the modular CombiMAX construction kit can be used more frequently and accordingly be amortised faster. Total investment in the vehicle fleet is thus considerably reduced.

The maximum technical axle load of the different types of bogies was defined on the basis of a minimum speed of 30 km/h. This leads to a considerable optimisation of the dead weight compared to known modular axle lines.

Despite the weight optimisation, an enormous bending moment across all bogie variants is achieved by the use of high-strength fine-grained steels and a new frame design.

Particular importance was attached during the development to the simple operability of the overall concept. The intuitive operator guidance significantly increases safety and reduces the risk of incorrect handling.

Define and configure!

The Faymonville CombiMAX captivates by its versatility and is accordingly suitable for all transport needs. «Define your transport task – configure your vehicle solution!»

The CombiMAX series combines all the advantages of a modular system with the user-friendliness of a conventional heavy load vehicle such as the product types MultiMAX, MegaMAX or VarioMAX and offers the customer an inexpensive and variable solution for the most diverse requirements thanks to its versatile combinability.

Every conceivable combination can be created from the variable basic principle of the CombiMAX, allowing the CombiMAX to open up the door to the market of unlimited possibilities. Standardisation extends to the supply of spare parts, which thus proceeds faster and more efficiently.

Suspension and steering

  • Pendle axles (quadruple or octuple-tyred)
  • PA-X: the LOW pendle-axle (790mm loading height and 600mm stroke)

Equipment & accessories

The composition of the CombiMAX modular trailer can be extended as desired by accessories. The equipment options for the semi-trailerinclude:

  • Extendable (single to double telescoping): Add-on Beam
  • Low beds
  • Trailer equipment with various drawbars
  • Long material equipment with self-tracking devices
  • Intermediate platform («Spacer»)
  • FALCO calculation-software available


The CombiMAX can be tailored individually to the transport requirements. Whatever the transport challenge, it can be mastered by individual configuration thanks to the CombiMAX principle. Hence, all areas of application remain possible, for example the loading of:

  • Construction machines (excavation and road construction, recycling…)
  • Wind power plants (tower segments, generators, rotor or turbine blades)
  • Structural elements (steel and concrete elements)
  • Industrial parts (transformers, crane-loaded goods…)
  • Track-guided vehicles (trams, locomotives, wagons)
  • Bulky goods, long materials and heavy loads
  • Offshore structures (drilling platforms, wind turbines, platforms, pipelines)
  • Ships or parts of ships
  • Bridge elements




Explore our full-line range of modular trailers! NEW! With electronic steering!


The Faymonville ModulMAX is a series of combinable transport modules with 2-6 axle lines for off-road and on-road operations. The vehicles are equipped with 215/75 R17.5¨ twin tyres and are available in a basic width of 3,000 mm. New at Faymonville! Twin tyre self-propelled trailers with electronic steering! The ModulMAX range includes technical characteristics that are put to multi-disciplinary use for G-Modul, S-Modul and C-Modul. The transport operator benefits from this freedom of choice to select the modular type that suits the best with its requirements. The proven pendle-axle technology is used within the three available trailer modes: Trailer Mode, Assist Mode and Self-Propelled Mode. The steering system of these trailers varies between the electronic and the mechanical principle. The ModulMAX trailer range is rounded off by a full range of options and accessories to obtain the best configuration for any type of load.

Description and areas of activity

What makes it unique?

  • The widest heavy duty range
  • Seamless interoperability
  • Full range of accessories
  • High-level manufacturing
  • The best corrosion protection on the market

Your choice between three different modes:

TM: Trailer Mode

The trailer mode is the most common way to work with modular platform trailers in on-road and off-road applications. One or more trucks pull or push the trailer by means of a drawbar system or a gooseneck.

In drawbar mode, the trailer can be assembled in a 2-file configuration, or even side-by-side in a in a 3-file (1+1/2) or 4-file (1+1) configuration. The trailer mode allows travel speeds of up to 80 km/h. Therefore, it is the most suitable solution for long transport distances.

AM: Assist Mode

The assist mode system is a highly efficient drive system that is used both on-road and off-road. For on-road transport, the wheel motors provide a high driving force on demand and can thus replace additional tractors. Thus, if necessary, tractive force peaks can be bridged when starting off or when driving uphill.

From a certain speed the drive axles switch to a freewheel mode and can be pulled at up to 80 km/h. If the speed drops, the axles switch on again automatically if desired. Furthermore, this drive concept can be used completely without a tractor and a vehicle can thus be moved in self-propelled mode. The necessary energy is also supplied by a Power Pack Unit.

SP: Self-Propelled Mode

Application for in-plant and off-road transports; mechanically or electronically steered modular vehicle combinations. The drive axles are then supplied by Power Pack Units and generate driving forces that can move loads of several thousands of tons. The entire control of the vehicle is done by a single remote control. All vehicle combinations from 2-file, 3-file and 4-file up to open compound vehicle groups are possible with this drive concept.

Mechanical steering system

Every modular bogie has at least one integrated hydraulic steering system. The customer can choose between standard- or counter-steering. The steering is controlled either by a gooseneck or by a drawbar.

The freely accessible steering rods provide for easy and safe adaptation of steering angles. Remote steering by wireless or remote control is part of the basic configuration.

Compared to knuckle steered axles, the driving height on pendle-axles has no impact on the axle track.

Available for TM: Trailer Mode, AM: Assist Mode, SP: Self-Propelled Mode

NEW! Electronic steering system

The ModulMAX modules can also be provided with an electronically controlled steering system with a steering angle up to +/- 140°. The steering motors are operated by proportional solenoid valves and directly managed from the central system.

The corresponding position of the suspension units is continuously verified by an encoder with respect to the steering joystick position. It is possible to select several steering modes.

In this way, it is very simple to work in tight areas.

Available for SP: Self-Propelled Mode


ModulMAX modular heavy duty trailers are suitable for the transport of the following goods:

  • Heavy construction machines for excavation and road construction or recycling 
  • Structural elements as steel and concrete elements
  • Industrial parts, for example transformers and crane-loaded goods
  • Cranes, crane weights and crane components
  • Conveying and crushing systems for the demolition and recycling industry
  • Pipeline elements
  • Offshore structures such as drilling platforms, wind turbines, platforms and pipelines
  • Ships or parts of ships
  • Power stations
  • Bridge elements
  • Bulky goods, long materials and heavy loads

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